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My Achievement
- First and only one Thai photographer that is certified and invited by the Best of Wedding Photography (The world's top wedding photographers)
- Featured on many leading international wedding websites and magazine such as Destination wedding & Honeymoon, Honey Brides, the wedding notebook, signature wedding,  best of wedding etc.

About us

              My inspiration of taking photography come from beautiful nature and traveling.I fell in love with photography because of I can find happiness, love, friendship, joy and fun, beauty of life through my lens. I'm happy to see and caption every emotion on the wedding day. That is so special and be honored to keep the moment forever. As a wedding photojournalist in Thailand, I have the great opportunities to take the photo in the most beautiful places in Thailand such as Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiangmai, Mae Hong Son, Hua Hin, Ubon Ratchathani and a sacred country like Bali, Indonesia. Those amazing experiences will give me the unforgettable moments that can share with you through my eyes. You will love the relaxed feel if your session, filled with candid moments of happiness.
             I'm the only one Thailand based photographer that is certified by the Best Wedding Photographer. The Best of Wedding Photographer is a premier invitation - only association for the world's top wedding photographer. 
             Our style of photography emphasizes story telling in natural way.We combine elements of fashion photography, wedding photojournalism and fine art photography. We love to travel and are also available as destination wedding photographers all over Thailand such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Bangkok, Mae Hong Son, Chiangmai, Trang, Krabi, in Asia - Vietnam, Indonesia, Bali, Hong Kong and the world.

              We provide variety of services such as wedding ceremony and reception photo, pre wedding or engagement photography, presentation, wedding day video, cinematography, photo montage, video montage, teaser, wedding photo album, cinematography wedding and wedding accessories. 

             Regarding the pre wedding photography, we can prepare the props and accessories for your ideal theme photography. Each couple has your own story and taste. We can do the custom made for you. Just open your mind and talk to us, we will make your dream come true. 

Thank you for visiting us...We look forward to meeting you!       Thanks... Leaw & Gai.


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